About Us

Leading Fresh Produce and Seafood Company Serving Georgia Restaurants
image TransWorld Food Service has positioned itself to be the food service, produce and protein supply company of exceptional quality for premier chefs across Metropolitan Atlanta. We have a substantial refrigerated distribution center full of garden-fresh produce, food service line items, meats and seafood. A sizable fleet of refrigerated trucks, more than 40 staff members, a CEO and founder with over 30 years of experience, executive staff with more than 100 years of combined experience, and a extensive list of established commercial trade contacts throughout the fresh produce and fresh seafood industry. Our customers will benefit from our competitive prices, regular reliable refrigerated deliveries, along with superior service

TransWorld Food Service, based in the heart of Buckhead, Georgia, will play a central role in the success of many restaurants throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta area, including Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett and Henry counties. Our organic and fresh produce inventory is vast and comprehensive. We also supply many of the top catering companies, country clubs, hotels and restaurants the necessary fresh meats, produce, seafood as well as food service items. Apart from our standard food items, TransWorld Food Service sources and inventories hard-to-find fresh exotic fruits and vegetables.

We afford our customers many competitive benefits, including these critical six:

First - OZONE System - Ozone is one of the most powerful water treatment compounds available today. It is a technology that has been in continual commercial use for over 100 years and has distinct properties that allow disinfection of compromised water streams. read more

Second - Reverse Osmosis System - We recycle all of our water for conservation and safety through the use of Reverse Osmosis Water Technology. This process assist in creatig the highest quality, freshest tasting from microelectronics filtration, while reducing operating and maintenance cost of equipment. Passing on the saving to our customer base. read more

Third - Security Technology - Our corporate distribution center is protected by a state-of-art security system. Which consist of motion sensors, infrared night vision cameras, as well as inside and outside cameras with remote monitoring, security on site 24/7, and secure door key card access.

Fourth - HVAC Conservation - Our distribution center is controled by a Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to create a comfortable environment. All offices are monitored by a occupied and unoccupied temperture control system. We have implemented the building automation system (BAS) to help monitor and manage heating and cooling energy costs. The benefits are substantial. The BAS can help save $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot in utility costs.

Fifth - Office Equipment Efficiency - Our offices have the latest in technology and most energy-efficient equipment. All offices are equipped with an HP All-In-One desktop computer attached to a power surge protector. Each PC have access to high energy efficient printers. All equipment was purchased in 2015 to ensure a significant energy savings. Steps have also been taken to reduce energy consumption by reducing carbon footprint.

Sixth - Health and Safety Technology - We use battery operated commercial floor scrubbers to polish and sanitize all floors throughtout our distribution center every twelve hours. Eliminating waste and extricating debris from the floor surface, while economizing water usage since they use only precise amounts of water to scrub a hard surface. By using the right quantity of water, our floor scrubbers are not only economical but also efficient, leaving only minimal moisture so that the floor surface dries up and is ready to use in minutes.

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