Our Distribution Center

Our facility has the capacity and technology to manage, process and distribute all types of food service line items.
image In our ongoing mission to provide products of the highest quality, TransWorld Food Service operates a 30,000-square foot state-of-the-art distribution center which consist of 60,000 square feet of Freezer and Refrigerated cooler capacity, 15,000 square feet of dry storage area, and 5,000 square feet of office space. Our distribution center located in Atlanta, Georgia uses the most sophisticated methods, along with specially designed computer software systems, to keep our extensive inventory in optimum condition. Our inventory capacity enables us to fill orders more efficiently and cost effectively, providing enhanced value and convenience for our valued customers.

Our staff is trained and monitored to make sure they are following all safety procedures correctly. Our facility is inspected regularly by various agencies including the FDA, Georgia Department of Agriculture and the USDA. Everything we do at TransWorld Food Service is to provide utmost confidence to our customers and employees.

Our seafood comes in daily from throughout the U.S. as well as from around the world. The whole fish is then processed by hand in a chemical free refrigerated environment using an ozonized cold water system which kills 99.9% of the bacteria, e.coli and listeria which prolongs the shelf life of the seafood. We take every necessary measure to provice a safe and enjoyable environment without changing the taste or appearance. This technology process is embraced by the FDA and USDA, which assures our customers the highest level of food safety and traceability.

The receiving, storing and shipping of fresh dairy, produce, and protein items are fully documented by a third party auditor. We maintain a continuous cold chain from the growing and harvesting areas to your door. The Distibution Center boasts twelve separate cooling storage areas, each with different refrigerated and freezer temperature zones to maximizes the freshness and shelf life of dairy, fruit ripening, meats, produce, and seafood, so that each perishable item reaches our customers at its nutritional, flavor profile and visual peak. There is a vast area for inventorying large amounts of canned, and paper goods as well as janitorial supplies.

Since the beginning, integrity, honesty and a strong sense of purpose have guided TransWorld Food Service. We value our relationships with our customers and suppliers. Any organization regardless of its size is a direct reflection of its employees. We appreciate the hard work, dedication and commitment to service excellence from all of our team as well as vendor partners, and we hope you do as well.