Our Green Initiatives


Going green has several positive side effects for the environment that contribute to cleaner water and air, preserve natural resouces and reduce the impact of global warming.
image From the farm to the table, sustainable agricultural practices are one of the hottest trends in the foodservice industry. TransWorld Food Service is committed to helping our customers achieve their environmental objectives, as well as incorporating an ever-growing number of green initiatives into our own operations. On the seafood side, we sell a tremendous amount of "Cleanfish" products and focus on sustainable species properly caught. Many of our fish come from day boat fishermen whose practices reflect our corporate philosophy. Whenever possible, we buy from local farmers and ranchers. In addition, we partner with national companies who have devoted significant resources to practices that protect the environment. Our proteins consist of the following Brands: Angus, BOS'N, Chicken of the Sea, EXCEL, Harris Ranch, Iowa Premium Beef (IPB), Niman Ranch, Prime Meats, Plume De Veau, Springer Mountain Farms, and Wolverine Packing Company. Whether your focus is "All Natural", "Sustainably Raised", "Local" or "Grass Fed", we have one or more products for you and your guests.

TransWorld Food Service also contributes to the sustainability cycle through efficient energy, fuel, transportation and water conservation. Our distribution center is strategically located within our customer base to reduced the miles driven back and forth. We also restrict vehicle speeds to reduce fuel consumption and provide financial incentives to drivers who further diminish fuel costs, returning a portion of the savings back to them.

In addition, if you peek at the products inside those trucks, the packaging material is in keeping with the TransWorld Food Servie environmental story. Our boxes contain a large portion of recycled content; we're engaged in related recycling and composting efforts; a portion of the film wrap that we and our vendor partners use is derived from recycled water bottles; and we've instituted an impressive wood pallet recycling program.

Our green initiatives extend into our operations. A total energy conservation system throuthout our new state-of-the-art Distribution Center will achieve a 30 percent energy reduction. Motion sensors connected to our lighting system, along with condensed production schedules, will decreased related energy needs by 15 percent.

Our State-Of-The-Art Distribution Center is equipped with LED, T5, and T8 lighting to supplement the 70% natural lightning from sky lights installed thoughout our distribution center.

These combined efforts are not just good business practices; they are the wave of the future as we join others within the foodservice industry to reduce our impact on the world. As we move toward the future, we will continue to explore the path that leads to greener pastures for all.